After iGoogle ?

Well, iGoogle is going to disappear soon and I thought it was about time I started looking for an alternative for my home page.  I’ve tried several and have come up with one which ‘works for me’. – If you’ve got any better ones please let me know!

My needs are simple and so I didn’t want a page spattered with apps but one which I could add items easily as and when I wanted but wouldn’t get too cluttered.  I went for ‘Incredible Startpage’ which is a freebie and is really easy to set up.

Its available in the Chrome Webstore HERE

Incredible StartPage  put all your favorite bookmarks in a  frame that you can set the background to, either by using one of the supplied images, or by using one of your own.

The downloaded app looks like this:

Incredible Startpage - first screen

You select the theme option to customise your own background image:

My background

You can :

– Rearrange the App Order on the ‘Apps’ page
– Send tab/link to Startpage
– View “Bookmarks”, “Apps” and “Most Visited Sites” all in one tab if you wish
– Have Multiple notepads and post to Gmail/Google Calendar
– Notepad sync across computers by Chrome Sync
– Recover recently closed tabs by using the ‘Closed’ box on the left

OK – It’s not perfect – but it works quite well for me.

John Whalley

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