Flash-Card Learning

GFlashProI often have 20 minutes or so to myself as I try to keep a bit fitter by walking anywhere that’s under a mile. This gives me a bit of time to study and so I download podcasts and listen to them as we go. Recently, I’ve stumbled upon a very good flashcard App – GFlashpro.


I use its flash-cards to help me to reinforce my learning. For example, I wanted to be able to say thankyou to all these nice, polite, Polish waiters and waitresses I come across when I’m in my local cafes so a set of reinforcing English:Polish flash cards is very useful.

As with most Apps my main criterion is ease of use and GFlashPro is spot on with this. It changes from portrait to landscape very smoothly as you tilt your phone.

You can put a short instruction at the start of the flashcard set to help the learner:


You can also go  from a one card view to a two card view, allowing you to tap the second card to reveal your answer.

photo.PNG     photo.PNG

– or you can do it the other way around and guess the question for the answer!

The really good thing about gFlash Pro,is that you can also include videos, sounds, and images to make your learning a very media rich experience.

Create Your Own
From a teaching viewpoint, the big advantage is that you can easily create your own flashcards byimporting a 2 column google spreadsheet. Its very simple to do – just point at the spreadhseet and the App does the rest for you.

One ral advantage is that you can also do this to import images, sounds, or videos just by placing their URL into the spreadsheet. This, of course, means that you have to put your media up on the web first but for images you could link directly to Flickr or Picasa for instance.

Here is a flashcard set using one of my images:

photo.PNG    photo.PNG

For sound, you could easily use something like audioboo or upload your own MP3s via some other method.

The App also links to gWhiz Flashcard catalogue which has thousands of cards already created that are free to download.

All in all a really useful app which you could use with students at any level!  Its a bit pricey at £2.49 but well worth it.

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