TubeChop – cut up your videos to size

You can find information about anything on YouTube these days and its a wonderful source of videos for teaching and learning.  Sometimes, however, you wish that you could show just a section of a video which is relevant to the topic you are covering and discard the rest of it.

TubeChop is a free online service which allows you to do this.  You can even embed the cut down video into PowerPoint, it will also give you an ’embed code’, so placing it into a blog, VLE or webpage is really easy as well.

TubeChop Home Page

First find your video using the search box

Selecting a video in TubeChop

A list of relevant videos is displayed.

The original video in TubeChop

Select a video and it is displayed as normal.

Chopping Down the Video

Move the sliders on the left and right of the bottom bar until you have the clip you want.  You then click on the ‘chop it’ button.

The shortened video with the 'embed code' showing

The shortened video is  displayed along with the ’embed code’ (showing at the top right) and a link URL, followed by details of the ‘chop’ you applied to the video.

The chopped video emebedded in a Moodle ' Book'

The video embed code can then be added to a Moodle as in the example above.

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