iSpring Free – Powerpoint to Flash

I used iSpring Free for the first time a couple of days ago.  Its a PowerPoint add-in which converts presentations into Flash format.

This can be useful if, for example you are wanting to add a Powerpoint presentation to a Moodle topic but don’t want the students to have to download a large Powerpoint file before they can use it.

iSpring keeps the original appearance of your PowerPoint presentations regardless of how complex you make it. I produced a powerpoint presentation with several hyperlinks to other slides (and back) within it and they worked every time.

ispring example screen

Converting your presentation to Flash format makes it very compact, so it’s easier to distribute as well as share on the web and seems to work with all the Browsers I have tried.  It also doesn’t seem to have problem with working an a Mac.

Since its a Flash file, this means that it can even be viewed on computers that don’t have PowerPoint installed!

PowerPoint animation effects, slide transitions, hyperlinks, embedded Flash movies, audio, and video clips all seem to work in the Flash presentation.   The Flash movie can also be saved to a folder on your local computer – I know it shouldn’t be done, my techie friends tell me, but if, like me you don’t have the advantage of a permanent high speed broadband connection, this can be a very useful feature!

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