Webquests – Zunal

I have re-visited Webquests recently as a way of getting students more involved with gathering their own information on a topic and expanding their researching skills. Webquests use the Internet to get students to understand a topic through being pointed at relevant websites and extracting information from them. If you want to make a good webquest yourself, you probably would be best to look at some ‘here’s one I created earlier’ sites.

http://www.zunal.com/ is an excellent site for this and is also a website where teachers can create WebQuests for free and share them with others. All you have to do is register yourself onto the site.

There are thousands of WebQuests listed in all subjects and grade levels. And there are easy-to-use standard tools for creating your own. You can attach unlimited files and YouTubes.  One aspect that I like is that you can customize a quest to hide or show the pages you want, limit access to designated users, and even include a discussion forum.  Another very useful feature is the ability to alter Quests that have been made by other people – a great time saver!

I have given students a topic to research in the past and they often find it hard to seek out and extract accurate information from the thousands (or millions) of sites now available to them. The advantage of a WebQuest is that you have pre-screend the sites beforehand and so you know that the pages they are viewing have ‘quality’ information on the topic. A well constructed webquest avoids the students surfing the web in an un-structured way.

Students not only seek information, but you can get them to debate issues, or participate in role plays.

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